Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Windhoek


Penduka, which means ‘wake up’, operates a non-profit women’s needlework project at Goreangab Dam, 8km northwest of the city centre. You can purchase needlework, baskets, carvings and fabric creations for fair price…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Windhoek

Namibia Crafts Centre

This place is an outlet for heaps of wonderful Namibian inspiration – leatherwork, basketry, pottery, jewellery, needlework, hand-painted textiles and other material arts – and the artist and origin of each piece is…
Arts & Crafts in Windhoek

Old Breweries Craft Market

This hive of tourist shopping euphoria contains a heap of small and large shops with a range of African arts and crafts on offer. A couple of our favourite shops are Woven Arts of Africa, with some wonderfully fine …