Windhoek in detail

Getting Around

Collective taxis from the main ranks at Wernhill Park Centre follow set routes to Khomasdal and Katutura, and if your destination is along the way, you’ll pay around N$10 to N$25. With taxis from the main bus terminals or by radio dispatch, fares are either metered or are calculated on a per-kilometre basis, but you may be able to negotiate a set fare per journey. Plan on N$70 anywhere around the city.

If you’re arriving at Chief Hosea Kutako International Airport, taxis typically wait outside the arrivals area. It’s a long drive into the city, so you can expect to pay anywhere from N$350 to N$400 depending on your destination. For Eros Airport, fares are much more modest at around N$70. In the city there are always reliable taxis that hang around the tourist office on Independence Ave. If you flag one down off the streets, just be aware there are plenty of cowboys around and often not much English is spoken.

Taxi Stand