Windhoek in detail


The handicrafts sold in Post St Mall are largely imported from neighbouring countries, though there is still an excellent selection of woodcarvings, baskets and other African curios on offer. You’re going to have to bargain hard if you want to secure a good price, though maintain your cool and always flash a smile – you’ll win out with politeness in the end! Another spot with a good range of curios is along Fidel Castro St, near the corner of Independence Ave, snaking up the hill towards Christuskirche.

Mall culture is alive and well in Windhoek, and you’ll find them scattered throughout the city centre and out in the ‘burbs. Most of the stores are South African standards, which generally offer high-quality goods at a fraction of the price back home. Katutura’s Soweto Market is more reminiscent of a traditional African market, though it’s best to visit either with a local or as part of an organised tour.

You can find gear for 4WD expeditions at Safari Den.