Namibian dollars (N$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$50

Dorm bed: US$10

Two meals in cheap restaurants: US$10

Bus or combi: US$1

Midrange: US$50 to US$150

* Double room in midrange hotel: US$50 to US$100

* Two meals in nice restaurant: US$20

* Car rental per day: US$50

Top End: More than US$150

Double room in top-end hotel: from US$100

4WD rental per day: US$150

Meals in top-end restaurant: US$40


Bargaining is only acceptable when purchasing handicrafts and arts directly from the producer or artist, but in remote areas the prices asked normally represent close to the market value. The exception is crafts imported from Zimbabwe, which are generally sold at large craft markets for inflated prices that are always negotiable.


Major banks and bureaux de change are concentrated around Independence Ave, and all will change foreign currency and travellers cheques, and give credit-card advances. As a general rule, ATMs in Namibia handle Visa and MasterCard.