Cafe in Swakopmund

Garden Cafe

Set in a nice little garden away from the main street, Garden Cafe has open-air tables and chairs, changing specials and freshly prepared cafe food including salads, wraps and burgers (desserts are yummy too). It’s …
Cafe in Swakopmund

Raith’s Gourmet

Very central and convenient and open all weekend, this is a self-proclaimed bakery-deli-bistro (that might be stretching it...)-gelateria. It’s mainly a bakery with fresh-made rolls and sandwiches for lunch, pies an…
Cafe in Swakopmund

Cafe Anton

This much-loved local institution, located in Schweizerhaus Hotel, serves superb coffee, Apfelstrudel, Kugelhopf (cake with nuts and raisins), Mohnkuchen (poppy seed cake), Linzertorte (cake flavoured with almond me…