Swakopmund in detail



Thanks to the mild temperatures and negligible rainfall, Swakopmund enjoys a statistically superb climate (25°C in the summer and 15°C in the winter), but there’s a bit of grit in the oyster. When an easterly wind blows, the town gets a good sandblasting, and the cold winter sea fogs often create an incessant drizzle and an unimaginably dreary atmosphere. However, take comfort in the fact that this fog rolls up to 50km inland, and provides life-sustaining moisture for desert plants and animals.

Dangers & Annoyances

Although the palm-fringed streets and cool sea breezes in Swakopmund are unlikely to make you tense, you should always keep your guard up in town. Regardless of how relaxed the ambience might be, petty crime unfortunately occurs.

If you have a private vehicle, be sure that you leave it all locked up with no possessions inside visible during the day. At night, you need to make sure you’re parked in a gated parking lot and not on the street. Also, when you’re choosing a hotel or hostel, be sure that the security precautions (ie an electric fence and/or a guard) are up to your standards. Finally, although Swakopmund is generally safe at night, it’s best to stay in a group, and when possible, take a taxi to and from your accommodation.

Emergency & Important Numbers

Ambulance081 124 0019
Police402431, 10111


There are plenty of banks in the centre of town with ATMs; try around the corner of Tobias Hainyeko St and Sam Nujoma Ave.

Bank of Windhoek

First National Bank

Swakopmunder Buchhandlung Commercial Bank


Main post office Also sells telephone cards and offers fax services.

Tourist Information

Namib-i This tourist information centre is a very helpful resource. In addition to helping you get your bearings, it can also act as a booking agent for any activities and tours that happen to take your fancy.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts Like its big brother in Windhoek, this office sells Namib-Naukluft Park and Skeleton Coast permits, and can also make reservations for other NWR-administered properties around the country.