Top things to do in Southern Central Plateau

Historic Building in Southern Central Plateau

Duwisib Castle

A curious neo-baroque structure located about 70km south of Maltahöhe smack dab in the middle of the barren desert, this European castle is smaller than some grandiose descriptions suggest and really worth a stop on…
Wildlife Reserve in Southern Central Plateau

Hardap Dam Game Reserve

This reserve, 15km northwest of Mariental, is a 25,000-hectare wildlife park with 80km of gravel roads and a 15km hiking loop. Hardap is Nama for ‘nipple’; it was named after the conical hills topped by dolerite kno…
Distillery in Naute Dam

Naute Kristall

Call ahead for directions and a one-hour tour of this innovative distillery thats produce NamGin, Namibia's very own, home-grown gin. It's overseen by Michael and Katrin, who still play an important role in Kristall…
Museum in Helmeringhausen

Agricultural Museum

The highlight of Helmeringhausen is the idiosyncratic Agricultural Museum, established in 1984 by the Helmeringhausen Farming Association. It displays all sorts of interesting old furniture and farming implements co…
Church in Keetmanshoop

Town Museum

The town museum occupies the 1895 Rhenish Mission Church, which itself is arguably more interesting than the contents of the museum inside. The ramshackle bits and pieces on display are good for killing an hour or s…
Arts Centre in Dordabis

Farm Ibenstein Weavery

At the Farm Ibenstein Weavery, located 4km down the C15 from Dordabis, you can learn about spinning, dyeing and weaving, as well as purchase hand-woven rugs and carpets.
Museum in Rehoboth

Town Museum

The town museum, housed in the 1903 residence of the settlement’s first colonial postmaster, recounts the historical roots of Rehoboth from 1844.
Historic Building in Keetmanshoop

Kaiserliches Postampt

There are a few examples of German colonial architecture, including the 1910 Kaiserliches Postampt, the old post office. There's an information office inside where you can arrange local tours.