Top things to do in Kaokoveld

Natural Site in The Northwest Corner

Otjinjange & Hartmann’s Valleys

Allow plenty of time to explore the wild and magical Otjinjange (better known as Marienflüss) and Hartmann’s Valleys – broad sandy and grassy expanses descending gently to the Kunene River. Note that camping outside…
Arts & Crafts in Opuwo

Kunene Craft Centre

Opuwo’s brightly painted self-help curio shop sells local arts and crafts on consignment. You’ll find all sorts of Himba adornments smeared with ochre: conch-shell pendants, wrist bands, chest pieces and even the he…
Natural Site in The Northwest Corner

Van Zyl’s Pass

The beautiful, but frightfully steep and challenging, Van Zyl’s Pass forms a dramatic transition between the Kaokoveld plateaus and the vast, grassy expanses of Otjinjange Valley (Marienflüss). This winding 13km str…