Tourist Information in Windhoek

Namibia Wildlife Resorts

The semiprivate Namibia Wildlife Resorts in Windhoek manages a large number of rest camps, campsites and resorts within the national parks. If you haven’t prebooked (eg if you’re pulling into a national park area on…
Tourist Information in Windhoek

Windhoek Information & Publicity Office (Main Office)

The friendly staff at this office answer questions and distribute local publications and leaflets, including What’s On in Windhoek and useful city maps. There’s another branch in the Post St Mall that is open the sa…
Tourist Information in Opuwo

Kaoko Information Centre

KK and Kemuu, the friendly guys at this information centre (look for the green building), can arrange visits to local Himba villages in addition to providing useful information for your trip through the Kaokoveld re…
Tourist Information in Swakopmund


This tourist information centre is a very helpful resource. In addition to helping you get your bearings, it can also act as a booking agent for any activities and tours that happen to take your fancy.
Tourist Information in Swakopmund

Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Like its big brother in Windhoek, this office sells Namib-Naukluft Park and Skeleton Coast permits, and can also make reservations for other NWR-administered properties around the country.
Tourist Information in Aus

Aus Information Centre

Aus Information Centre has a cafe, internet and lots of information on nature, war and the wild horses of the area. Ask here about the Aus Walking Trail which begins at the info centre.
Tourist Information in Tsumeb

Travel North Namibia Tourist Office

Inside the guesthouse of the same name. Provides nationwide information, arranges accommodation, transport, car hire and Etosha bookings, and has internet access. No maps available.
Tourist Information in Fish River Canyon

Hobas Information Centre

This information centre, at the northern end of the park, is the check-in point for the five-day canyon hike. Packaged snacks and cool drinks are available here, but little else.
Telephone in Windhoek

Telecommunications Office

Next door to the main post office is the Telecommunications Office, where you can make international calls and send or receive faxes.
Tourist Information in Windhoek

Office of the Surveyor General

You can purchase topographic sheets of much of Namibia for around US$4 from the map section of the Office of the Surveyor General.