Top things to do in Grootfontein

Top Choice International in Grootfontein

Purple Fig Bistro

In the heart of town, the Purple Fig gets good reviews from travellers. Eat under the eponymous fig tree or in the cafe. Light meals take the form of salads, wraps and toasted sandwiches, but there are also burgers,…
Natural Feature in Grootfontein

Hoba Meteorite

Near the Hoba Farm, the world’s largest meteorite was discovered in 1920 by hunter Jacobus Brits. This cuboid bit of space debris is composed of 82% iron, 16% nickel and 0.8% cobalt, along with traces of other metal…
Fort in Grootfontein

German Fort & Museum

Historical settler history is depicted here through some fascinating black-and-white photos. The Himba, Kavango and Mbanderu collections of artefacts and photographs are also interesting, as is the history of resear…
Cemetery in Grootfontein


In the town cemetery, off Okavango Rd, you can wander the graves of several Schutztruppe soldiers who died in combat with local forces around the turn of the century.