Fish River Canyon in detail


Tourist Information

The main access points for Fish River Canyon are at Hobas, near the northern end of the park, and Ai-Ais, near the southern end. Both are administered by the NWR. Accommodation must be booked in advance through the Windhoek office. Daily park permits (N$80 per person and N$10 per vehicle) are valid for both Hobas and Ai-Ais.

The Hobas Information Centre, at the northern end of the park, is also the check-in point for the five-day canyon hike. Packaged snacks and cool drinks are available here, but little else. If you’re on your way to view the canyon, use the toilets here – there are none further on.

The Fish River typically flows between March and April. Early in the tourist season, from April to June, it may diminish to a trickle, and by midwinter, to just a chain of remnant pools along the canyon floor.