Fish River Canyon in detail



From Hobas, it’s 10km on a gravel road to the main viewpoint, with probably the best – and most photographed – overall canyon view. Hikers’ Viewpoint, a few kilometres north (at the start of the hiking route), is even more stunning. You can walk along the canyon rim between these two viewpoints, with both vistas taking in the sharp river bend known as Hell’s Corner. Tracking the other way from the main viewpoint (ie turn left as you approach it) is a road to the Sunset Viewpoint, another well-located vantage point. A few kilometres before you reach the main viewpoint a 4WD-only track winds 13km out to other viewpoints, including Sulphur Springs and Eagle Rock.

Morning Impressions - Fish River Canyon

The canyon, seen most clearly in the morning, is stark, very beautiful and seemingly carved into the earth by a master builder – it flaunts its other-worldliness. The exposed rock and lack of plant life is quite startling. Its rounded edges and sharp corners create a symphony in stone of gigantic and imposing proportions. If you have a viewpoint to yourself it’s a perfect place to reflect on this country’s unique landscape, harsh environment and immense horizons.