Top Choice Armenian in Stepanakert


This is the best option in Stepanakert, with friendly staff and a charming garden setting. The menu encompasses Karabakhti dishes such as tanov apur (a soup made from yoghurt and sour cream), as well as more general…
Armenian in Nagorno-Karabakh

Florence Garden

A sprawling recent addition to the local eating scene, the Florence Garden is rather misleadingly named as it mainly offers Karabakhti specialties rather than anything Italian. While it's easily the city's smartest …
Barbecue in Stepanakert


The most bizarre sight in Stepanakert is the giant Sphinx looming over the door of this restaurant. Plastic palm trees ignited with neon complete the scene. Despite the Egyptian theme, the menu is similar to other p…
Pizza in Stepanakert

Tashir Pizza

Cheap, central and with a photographic English menu, Tashir is ideal for travellers hungering for a change from shashlyk. With a choice between thin and thick crusts, as well as pasta and salads to choose from, even…
International in Stepanakert


Mixed menu of salads, soups and main dishes like beef stroganoff and pizzas. It’s in an unmissable street-side patio lit up in the evening with green and purple neon lights.
Eastern European in Shushi

Homek Restaurant

Homek RestaurantKhoravats (barbecued food) place located across from the taxi stand.
Fast Food in Stepanakert

Shashlyk Bistro

A great option for travellers on the go, this small kebab-bistro is take-out only.