Top Choice Monastery in Northwest Karabakh

Gandzasar Monastery

Probably the most important structure in Karabakh, the Gandzasar Monastery signifies the millennia-old Armenian presence in Karabakh to locals. Dating from the 5th century, the monastery is centred on the church of …
Top Choice Monastery in Northwest Karabakh

Dadivank Monastery

This overgrown masterpiece has a bell tower, fine khachkars and monastic cells around the main 13th-century Surp Dadi church. Watch out for holes into underground cisterns and chambers as you walk around. The prince…
Museum in Stepanakert

Museum of Fallen Soldiers

This extremely disturbing and sad museum honours those who died in battle during the 1990–94 war with Azerbaijan. The walls are lined with thousands of photographs of soldiers killed in action and there are displays…
Ruins in Northeast Karabakh


Tigranakert is one of the four cities founded by Tigran the Great, but the only one known to historians today. It was founded in the 1st century BC, and vanished from history in the 14th. Archaeologists are uncoveri…
Museum in Shushi

Shushi History Museum

Housed in an impressive old stone mansion, Shushi's Museum holds an excellent collection of local artefacts. English-language descriptions of the exhibits help to make sense of it all, but to get a better understand…
Museum in Stepanakert

Artsakh State Museum

This rather dry museum nevertheless contains many interesting local artifacts, most of which can be better understood by taking a free English-language tour. Downstairs there's lots of taxidermy, archeological finds…
Museum in Northwest Karabakh

Nikol Duman Memorial Museum

The wonderfully named village of Ghshlagh houses this unique museum, which honours the life of the leader of the Dashnaks, a late-19th-century left-wing Armenian nationalist movement. The home, once occupied by Duma…
Museum in Shushi

Carpet Museum

This new museum on the main road between the upper and lower town houses a wonderful collection of local carpets from the 17th to 20th centuries. Upstairs there's an art gallery.
Museum in Northeast Karabakh

Archaeological Museum

This recently built museum details the existence of Tigran’s great kingdom, with pottery shards, jewellery and bronze tools on display.
Gallery in Stepanakert

Kartinnaya Gallery

Kartinnaya Gallery displays the work of local artists and is a good place to tap into the Karabakhi arts community.