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Working and volunteering


Volunteering opportunities in Myanmar include teaching, medicine, and assisting entrepreneurs and fledgling social businesses with skills and administration. There are plenty of NGOs, but they usually employ skilled personnel and require a long-term commitment.

Be very wary about visiting or volunteering to teach at orphanages – see www.thinkchildsafe.org/thinkbeforevisiting for more details.

Organisations in Myanmar that often look for volunteers include the following:

KT Care Foundation Myanmar (www.ktcare.org)

Myanmore (www.myanmore.com) Publishes the free Know It Myanmore guide twice yearly, which has further details about volunteering opportunities; a PDF is available online.

UN Volunteers (http://unv.org/how-to-volunteer)

VIA (Volunteers in Asia; http://viaprograms.org)


Citizens of 50 countries can apply for a single-entry business visa online.

Multiple-entry business visas, valid for up to a year, are not available online and require a foreigner to have visited Myanmar on three prior occasions. Whatever visa you have, it's important to make sure you don't overstay its validity – multiple-entry business visas require the holder to leave and return to Myanmar every 70 days.

Note, although some expats do use such visas to work full- or part-time in Myanmar, strictly a business visa is meant for conducting meetings and business, not for seeking and gaining employment – for that you will need a Long Stay Permit and Foreign Registration Certificate (FRC). To obtain such documents it is best to engage the services of a local visa and immigration specialist.

Among the work possibilities in Myanmar are teaching, journalism, medicine and a whole raft of NGOs. Online sources for jobs include www.work.com.mm and www.jobnet.com.mm.

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