Upper Ayeyarwady restaurants

Top Choice Burmese in Myitkyina

Jing Hpaw Thu

Be sure to head out to this attractive riverside restaurant, considered the top spot for real Kachin food. The specialities here are superb, tangy dried beef with a spicy dipping sauce, as well as the fish dishes an…
Burmese in Myitkyina

Kiss Me

A hot spot for Myitkyina’s youngsters, this riverside pavilion turns out some fine food. Try the gyin tok (a crunchy ginger salad) or the zesty curries. There are fresh shakes and juices too, but no alcohol is serve…
Asian in Myitkyina

Bamboo Field Restaurant

On the main airport road, this barn-like place has a rotating crew of singers belting out Burmese pop songs on weekends. The menu mixes Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese with Western classics. Check out the ambitious coc…
Chinese in Myitkyina

River View Restaurant

Get your morning nourishment from this riverside terrace joint with the tastiest dim sum in town, making it a popular breakfast stop. By night it reinvents itself as a beer garden and is a great place to watch sunse…
Chinese in Shwebo

Eden Culinary Garden

The staff fall over themselves at the sight of a foreigner here, and the spacious garden setting is pleasant if a little ramshackle as its renovated and extended. The predominantly Chinese menu is fine, with some go…
Kachin in Myitkyina

Orient Restaurant

A meeting place for Myitkyina's tiny foreign community, the menu here is an intriguing blend of local dishes, international comfort food and some unexpected Japanese classics like sushi and ramen, as the Kachin owne…
Cafe in Myitkyina

Italian N'Dream

This cosy little corner cafe serves cheap and cheerful homemade cakes and locally produced ice cream, which isn't world-beating but is good value at K1000 for two scoops. Coffees and teas are also available, all in …
Street Food in Myitkyina

Night Market

This is a lively place to come and street surf after about 4pm when the stalls set up, complete with Shan hotpots, steaming noodles, smoking barbecues and bubbling curries. Locals come here to dine on the way home o…
Chinese in Myitkyina

Mya Ayer

This is the most authentic Chinese option in a town with a sizeable Chinese population. The big menu includes some spicy hot and sour dishes from Szechuan, making it a great place to dine in communal Chinese style.
Burmese in Bhamo

Sut Ngai

Popular with the locals, there's fine barbecue, as well as Kachin specialities like lime-flavoured pork served in a banana leaf and draught Myanmar Beer. No English spoken; point at what others are eating.