Top things to do in Thanlyin & Kyauktan

Buddhist Temple in Thanlyin & Kyauktan

Yele Paya

At Kyauktan, 7.5 miles southeast of Thanlyin, is a sparkling floating temple adrift on a chocolate river. You can feed the massive catfish splashing about at the temple complex’s edge. To reach the islet, catch one …
Religious in Thanlyin & Kyauktan


In the third week of January, Thanlyin’s Hindu community celebrates (or endures depending on your opinion) Thaipusam, the ritual of penitence in which devotees repent bad deeds by impaling themselves with hooks and …
Buddhist Stupa in Thanlyin & Kyauktan

Kyaik-Khauk Paya

A couple of miles south of Thanlyin's centre is this gilded Mon-style stupa, similar in design to Shwedagon and said to contain two Buddha hairs delivered to the site by the great sage himself. There are stupendous …