Top things to do in Taunggyi

Vineyard in Taunggyi

Myanmar Vineyard

Located at Aythaya, 3 miles west of Taunggyi, this vineyard – the country's first – sits at an elevation of 4290ft on well-watered, limestone-rich soils, providing good growing conditions for shiraz, cabernet sauvig…
Burmese in Taunggyi

Sein Myanmar Restaurant

Locals crowd into this busy restaurant come lunchtime for full-flavoured Burmese-style rice-and-curry sets. In the evening, it's fine for a beer and various fried noodle and rice dishes.
Buddhist Temple in Taunggyi

Shwe Phone Pye Paya

This ridge-top temple to the south of town has dizzying views over Taunggyi and Inle Lake; a return trip by taxi here will run about K10,000.
Cultural in Taunggyi

Fire Balloon Festival

Taunggyi holds a huge and chaotic fire balloon festival every October or November as part of the full moon celebrations during Tazaungmon (the eighth month of Myanmar's lunar calendar). Hundreds of multicoloured, di…
Museum in Taunggyi

Shan State Cultural Museum & Library

In addition to the usual displays of local ethnic-group outfits, you’ll also find a handful of displays of weapons, musical instruments and jewellery. There's also a small section about Shan State's saophas, or sky …
Market in Taunggyi

Old Market

The original of Taunggyi's two markets, you'll find household goods here, as well as food and clothes and almost anything you can think of, mostly imported from China and Thailand. Like its newer counterpart, this i…
Church in Taunggyi

St George Anglican Church

Smaller than its Catholic counterpart and in need of some repairs, this is the main church for Taunggyi's Anglican community. The church is locked outside of services, but if the vicar is around he will unlock it so…
Cathedral in Taunggyi

St Joseph's Cathedral

The principal place of worship for Taunggyi's Roman Catholics. The church dates back to 1873, but was rebuilt in 1951. The cathedral is closed outside of services, but can be accessed if the priest is about.
Burmese in Taunggyi

Night Market

Taunggyi’s night market is the place to go for bargain local eats; Daw Than Kyi, at the western end, does excellent t'ǎmìn jin, Shan-style rice (look for the rainbow-coloured plastic sheeting).
Market in Taunggyi

New Market

Taunggyi's second market copes with the overflow from the old market, a reflection of how important a retail centre Taunggyi is. It's always busy.