Must see attractions in Tanintharyi Region

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    Paradise Beach

    Backed by thick jungle, this splendid white-sand beach curves around a natural bay that is fine for swimming. On weekdays, you are likely to have it to…

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    Theindawgyi Paya

    Myeik's most venerated Buddhist temple, Theindawgyi Paya sits on a ridge overlooking the city and harbour. A beautiful, Mon-style ordination hall of wood,…

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    Three Islets

    Home to three notable diving sites: Shark Cave, an underwater canyon with sharks and rich coral; In Through the Out Door, an underwater passage with…

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    Lampi Kyun (Sullivan's Island)

    Home to Lampi Island Marine National Park, the only marine park in Myanmar, and thought to be one of the least-disturbed island habitats in Southeast Asia…

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    Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Kyun

    There's a superb horseshoe-shaped bay at the south of this island, which is where you'll find the Boulder Bay Eco Resort, and a couple of fine beaches.

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    Black Rock

    One of the Myeik Archipelago's premier diving sites. This rocky, remote outpost is home to clear water and rich sea life, including manta rays (typically…

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    Western Rocky

    An underwater cave that has been known to draw sharks makes this arguably the Myeik Archipelago's finest dive site.

  • Maungmagan

    Dawei's most accessible beach, Maungmagan is a wide, sandy strip spanning approximately 7 miles along a pretty bay. On weekdays, and outside holiday…

  • Division Development Committee

    This pale-green, colonial-era building could almost be a church. It's not open to the public, but you can take photos from the garden in front of it.

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    Pataw Padet Kyun

    Directly opposite Myeik's harbour, this island is named for its two prominent hills. There are no beaches on the island. Instead, a large, hollow…

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    Kadan Island

    If you want to see an island of the Myeik Archipelago without taking an expensive tour, catch the ferry from Sake Nge Jetty to Kadan Island, an hour from…

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    Teyzit is really two sweeps of white sand, separated by a headland. The western side of the beach curves seductively and is one of the prettiest beaches…

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    The main Buddhist monastery in town, colloquially referred to as Payagyi (Big Pagoda), is an expansive glittering, Disneyland-like compound centred on…

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    Nawarat Waterfall

    This modest waterfall tumbles down over rocks into a large pool that's fine for swimming. Surrounded by forested hills and overlooked by a couple of small…

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    Shinmokhti Paya

    Shinmokhti Paya dates back to 1438 and is one of four shrines in the country housing a Sinhalese buddha image supposedly incorporating pieces of the…

  • N

    One of the nicest beaches in the area and often deserted, Nabule is a long expanse of sand fringed by swaying palm trees and with a small golden pagoda at…

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    Shwethalyaung Daw Mu

    Completed in 1931 and measuring 240ft long and 69ft high, Shwethalyaung Daw Mu is the largest reclining buddha in the country.

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    Kho Yinn Khwa Kyun (Macleod Island)

    This horseshoe-shaped island 40 nautical miles from Kawthoung is home to Myanmar Andaman Resort. There are at least 20 known dive sites around the island,…

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    Bo Wei Kyun (Stewart Island)

    South of this island is a rocky outcrop with above-ground and underwater caves. Nearby Maccarthy Rock has a beautiful limestone cliff more than 30m high…

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    Kyun Philar (Great Swinton Island)

    Home to the upmarket Awei Pila Resort and a small mixed Burmese and Moken village. There's decent snorkelling and the surrounding islands offer good…