Top Choice Cave in Hpa-an

Saddan Cave

This football-stadium-sized cave is simply breathtaking, its entrance dominated by dozens of buddha statues, a couple of pagodas and some newer clay wall carvings.In absolute darkness (bring a torch; otherwise, for …
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Mawlamyine

Mahamuni (Bahaman) Paya

Directly north of Kyaikthanlan Paya and linked by a covered walkway, this is the largest temple complex in Mawlamyine and easily the most beautiful. It’s built in the typical Mon style with covered brick walkways li…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Mawlamyine

Kyaikthanlan Paya

Rudyard Kipling’s visit to Myanmar spanned just three days, but it resulted in a poem, 'Mandalay', that turned Burma into an oriental fantasy and began with the lines ‘By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin’ lazy at the…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Myeik

Theindawgyi Paya

Myeik's most venerated Buddhist temple, Theindawgyi Paya sits on a ridge overlooking the city and harbour. A beautiful, Mon-style ordination hall of wood, brick and stucco contains an impressive painted and carved c…
Buddhist Temple in Mon State

Mt Kyaiktiyo

The excursion to this incredible balancing-golden-boulder stupa is a must-do, especially during the peak pilgrimage season (November to March) and when the sun is shining. The small stupa, just 24ft high, sits atop …
Island in Myeik Archipelago

Three Islets

Home to three notable diving sites: Shark Cave, an underwater canyon with sharks and rich coral; In Through The Out Door, an underwater passage with several species of coral; and OK Rock, supposedly a good destinati…
Island in Myeik Archipelago

Lampi Kyun (Sullivan's Island)

Home to Lampi Island Marine National Park, the only marine park in Myanmar, and thought to be one of the least disturbed island habitats in Southeast Asia. There are Bamar and Moken villages here, and at the time of…
Island in Myeik Archipelago

Black Rock

One of the Myeik Archipelago's premier diving sites. This rocky, remote outpost is home to clear water and rich sea life, including manta rays (typically around March).
Island in Myeik Archipelago

Western Rocky

An underwater cave that has been known to draw sharks makes this arguably the Myeik Archipelago's finest dive site.
Island in Mawlamyine

Bilu Kyun

Bilu Kyun (Ogre Island) isn’t a hideaway for nasty monsters. Rather, it’s a beautiful island directly west of Mawlamyine. Roughly the size of Singapore, Bilu Kyun comprises 78 villages that are home to more than 200…