Shwebo attractions

Archaeological Site in Shwebo

Hanlin Archaeological Zone

The 32 excavation sites here date back to the Pyu era (4th to 9th centuries AD). The sites rise above Hanlin village and survey the plains for a surprising distance; archaeologists have found large, low sections of …
Area in Shwebo

Old City Moat

During its 18th-century heyday, the palace was at the heart of an enormous walled city. The walls are now almost entirely gone, but some parts of the wide moat are well preserved. The most attractive is the section …
Palace in Shwebo

Shwebon Yadana

The city’s most striking buildings are a pair of towering gold-painted wooden throne rooms, nine tiers high, once part of King Alaungpaya’s 1753 palace. What you see today, though, are reconstructed, empty structure…
Buddhist Temple in Shwebo

Shwe Daza Paya

As you approach from the south, central Shwebo’s skyline is given an alluring dazzle by a collection of golden pagoda spires. These cluster around the extensive, 500-year-old Shwe Daza Paya. Close up, however, the c…
Buddhist Temple in Shwebo

Chanthaya Paya

Just across the road from the rather more dramatic Shwe Daza Paya, the dilapidated Chanthaya Paya is another Buddhist temple.