Sagaing attractions

Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Sagaing

Soon U Pon Nya Shin Paya

This ‘early offering shrine’ is the most important of the temples on Sagaing Hill’s southern crown and the first you’ll come to on climbing the One Lion stairway. Notice the bronze frogs that serve as a collection b…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Sagaing


At the foot of the great temple-studded hills of Saigang, you’ll find this little-visited cave monastery. Supposedly built around the 1670s, Tilawkaguru is filled with some of the most impressive preserved cave pain…
Buddhist Stupa in Sagaing

Kaunghmudaw Paya

Five miles northwest of central Sagaing, Kaunghmudaw Paya is a vast gilded pudding of a stupa rising 150ft high. It was built in 1636 to commemorate Inwa’s re-establishment as the royal capital. According to local t…
University in Sagaing

Sitagu Buddhist Academy

Set up in 1994 to educate the brightest young monks, this academy is a major intellectual centre for Theravada Buddhism. The centrepiece is a Sanchi-style hemispherical stupa, gilded and embossed with dharma-wheel p…
Buddhist Stupa in Sagaing


One of the best places from which to appreciate Sagaing is from across the river at this little bluff with a cascade of small stupas. It’s part of a pair with the bigger Shwe-kyet-yet on a gentle rise across the roa…
Buddhist Site in Sagaing

U Min Thonze Caves

Around a 10-minute walk north of Pon Nya Shin, U Min Thonze Caves (literally '30 Caves') is famed for its crescent-shaped colonnade of 45 buddha images.
Buddhist Pagoda in Sagaing

Shin Pin Nan Kain

Shin Pin Nan Kain's brass-clad stupa sits on a hilltop that's lower than Sagaing Hill but has even better panoramas.
Museum in Sagaing

Buddha Museum

This dusty museum houses medieval Buddha images and slabs of temple art; the artefacts are not particularly well tended to, and there's little in the way of English interpretive signage. However, this is a reliable …
Bridge in Sagaing

Ava Bridge

Linking Sagaing and Amarapura are two parallel bridges, each with multiple metal-framed spans. The 16-span 1934 Ava Bridge was partly demolished in 1942 to deny passage to advancing WWII Japanese troops. It wasn’t r…
Buddhist Stupa in Sagaing

Htuparyon Paya

This gigantic stupa, originally built in 1444, is unusual for having three circular storeys each incorporating arched niches. Across the street, a garden of garish statues includes a particularly fearsome red cobra.