Korean in Pyay

Grandma Café

Owner Banyar Aung learned to make Korean food while working at various restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, then returned home and taught his wife. Together they run this cute place that turns out very tasty dolsot bibimbap…
Cafe in Pyay

Yes! Coffee & Food House

An update on the old-fashioned teahouse, Yes! is awash with a bold vibrant paint job and coloured light bulbs that seem to draw young diners to the low outdoor tables along the riverfront road. There's a big menu wi…
Chinese in Pyay

Wish River View

This clean, inviting space is one of the best riverfront restaurants in the area. Stop in for marinated-prawn salad, fiery Thai-style seafood soup or sautéed vegetable dishes. The free peanuts are a nice touch (ther…
Chinese in Pyay

Hline Ayar

This popular live-music spot has provincial models singing karaoke from 7pm, but it doesn't have to detract from dinner if you bag a table looking over the Ayeyarwady. Draught beer flows and the menu is predominantl…
Market in Pyay

Night Market

The night market on Mya Zay Tann St, between the Aung San statue and the river, is atmospheric and well worth browsing for its cheap eats.
Chinese in Pyay

Southern Star

Enjoy river views from this big open-sided restaurant serving a good range of Asian classics from Burma, China, Malaysia and Thailand, close by the Nawade Bridge. In the evenings there’s sometimes live music on the …