Buddhist Stupa in Pathein

Shwemokhtaw Paya

Looming with grace over Pathein is the golden bell of the Shwemokhtaw Paya.The hti (stupa pinnacle) consists of a topmost layer made from 14lb of solid gold, a middle tier of pure silver and a bottom tier of bronze;…
Buddhist Temple in Pathein

Settayaw Paya

This charming paya, spread across a hilly green setting, is dedicated to a mythical Buddha footprint left by the Enlightened One during his legendary perambulations through Southeast Asia. The footprint symbol itse…
Handicrafts in Pathein

Shwe Sar Umbrella Workshop

Sun shades are made in workshops scattered across the northern part of the city, particularly around the Twenty-Eight Paya, off Mahabandoola Rd. It’s fun to wander the area, sticking your head into a workshop here a…
Landmark in Pathein

City Hall

Pathein's 1950s-era seat of government.
Landmark in Pathein

Clock Tower

The clock tower stands close to the waterfront.
Buddhist Temple in Pathein

Twenty-Eight Paya

This rectangular shrine contains 28 sitting and 28 standing buddha images. None of them are particularly distinguished except that the latter appear in the open-robe style rather than the closed-robe pose that is ty…
Buddhist Stupa in Pathein

Tagaung Mingala Zeditaw (Tagaung Paya)

Interesting from an artistic perspective, this pagoda is centred on a graceful stupa that sweeps inward from a wide, whitewashed base to a gleaming silver superstructure. It's about 2 miles south of the city centre.…
Buddhist Temple in Pathein

Mahabodhi Mingala Zedi

West of Tagaung Mingala Zeditaw, a little way towards the river, stands this temple patterned after the Mahabodhi stupa in Bodhgaya, India.
Buddhist Temple in Pathein

Leikyunyinaung Paya

This temple, about a mile directly south of Mahabodhi, was renovated by the miltary regime in the early 1990s to create a facsimile of Ananda Paya in Bagan. Forced labour was used in the renovation, so many locals a…
Church in Pathein

St Peter's Cathedral

The focal point of a Catholic educational compound is this 1872-vintage cathedral distinctively plastered emerald green. If you're not here for daily mass at 6am (also 4pm on Sunday), the priest will happily let you…