Nyaungshwe restaurants

Top Choice Burmese in Nyaungshwe

Lin Htett Myanmar Traditional Food

This is hands down the most appealing Burmese restaurant in Nyaungshwe, and one of the best curry houses in all Myanmar, where the service is as friendly as the food is delicious. Choose from a range of curries and …
Top Choice International in Nyaungshwe

One Owl Grill

This French-owned bistro has proved a hit with its tapas-style, Mediterranean-influenced dishes, including the best hummus in Shan State, as well as its breakfasts, salads, burgers, pizza and pasta. It's a little mo…
Top Choice Chinese in Nyaungshwe

Live Dim Sum House

More and more people are making the walk to this laid-back place for the tasty and inventive dim sum – like prawn, bamboo shoot and water chestnut, or grilled pumpkin and mushroom – as well as for the other dishes o…
Top Choice Chinese in Nyaungshwe

Sin Yaw Bamboo Restaurant

The closest thing to an authentic Shan restaurant that you'll find in Nyaungshwe, run by a pleasant Shan-Chinese couple, Sin Yaw is now one of the most popular places in town. The food is good and flavoursome – they…
Shan in Nyaungshwe


Taking obscure local cuisines upscale can be risky, but the self-professed ‘Shan nouvelle cuisine’ at this, Nyaungshwe’s swankiest and most ambitious restaurant, is worth investigating: try a slow-cooked curry. It's…
Burmese in Nyaungshwe

Htoo Myat BBQ

Popular with the locals, this semi-open-air, family-run place grills excellent barbecue – the pork ribs and fish especially – and serves up simple, tasty Burmese and Thai-style curries in a congenial atmosphere. Som…
Thai in Nyaungshwe

Green Chili Restaurant

This restaurant boasts one of the most pleasant dining rooms in town and the Thai menu here is also one of the more diverse and interesting, although the flavours are spice-light.
International in Nyaungshwe

Chillax Bistro

Lame name, but this new place has a big outside terrace and a menu of Western comfort food – pizza, pasta, steaks and burgers – as well as some Asian standards. The food is solid without being spectacular. There's a…
International in Nyaungshwe

Lotus Restaurant

The menu at this affable, bamboo-walled place spans Burmese and Chinese, with a few Western classics. But if you don't like to make culinary decisions, go for the family-style Burmese dinner, which includes soup, sa…
Burmese in Nyaungshwe

Mingala Market Food Stalls

Local specialities here include shàn k'auq-swèh (Shan-style noodle soup) and to·p'ù thouq (Shan tofu salad), prepared using yellow-chickpea tofu, chili, coriander and chili oil.