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The nearest airport is at Heho, an hour away by car. Taxis charge K25,000 from the airport to Nyaungshwe and K18,000 to go to the airport from Nyaungshwe.

Bus & Pick-Up Trucks

To Inle Lake, any bus bound for Taunggyi can drop you at Shwenyaung – located at the junction for Nyaungshwe/Inle Lake – for the full Taunggyi fare. From Shwenyaung, thoun bein (three-wheeled taxi) drivers will take you the remaining 7 miles to Nyaungshwe for around K6000.

Nyaungshwe-based travel agents such as Thu Thu can sell tickets and arrange hotel pick-ups. Otherwise, if you're bound for somewhere else or those times don't work, you'll need to hop on a bus, minivan, pick-up or 'van' (actually a share taxi) in Shwenyaung – all transport that originates in Taunggyi stops at this town on NH4. To get to Shwenyaung, hop on any Taunggyi-bound pick-up at the pick-up stand off Yone Gyi Rd west of the market (K1000), or charter a thoun bein from the stand on Lan Ma Taw St (K6000). Be sure to be at the junction in Shwenyaung early so that you don’t miss connecting to your bus from Taunggyi.


The easiest way to find a taxi in Nyaungshwe is to ask at your hotel. Fares include Shwenyaung (K10,000, 30 minutes), Taunggyi (K35,000, one hour), Heho (K18,000, one hour) and Kalaw (K35,000, three hours). Taxis have room for up to four passengers.


The train rumbling through the hills from Shwenyaung to Thazi is slow, but the scenery en route is stunning. From Shwenyaung's tiny station, trains depart at 8am and 9.30am, arriving in Kalaw after three hours (ordinary/upper class K500/1150) and reaching Thazi at least another six hours later (ordinary/upper class K1500/3000). Thoun bein drivers go to Shwenyaung's train station for K6000.