Must-see attractions in Northern Shan State

  • Mahamyatmuni Paya

    Between the large main market and the Nannhaewon Amusement Park is the eye-catching Mahamyatmuni Paya, an open-sided pavilion enshrining a dazzle-faced…

  • Produce Market

    Most interesting before dawn, when the road outside is jammed with hill villagers selling their wares; all will have cleared away by 7am, although the…

  • Central Market

    The main market in town is a busy affair in the morning when locals come to shop for produce. By the afternoon, it is usually pretty sleepy.

  • Central Pagoda

    The principal Buddhist temple in the heart of Hsipaw has a shimmering golden stupa visible from several blocks away.

  • Pwe Kauk Falls

    Called Hampshire Falls in British times, Pwe Kauk is more small weirs and splash pools rather than a dramatic waterfall, but the forest glade setting is…

  • All Saints’ Church

    This red-brick church was founded in 1912 and while there's something of the English country village look to its shape, in colour and atmosphere it's a…

  • King Chaung Waterfall

    This pretty waterfall has been turned into a bit of a circus with the establishment of an amusement park below. Visitors can choose from bumper cars, a…

  • Maha Aung Mye Bon Thar Pagoda

    Around 6am the pretty Maha Aung Mye Bon Thar Pagoda broadcasts Buddhist suttas (lectures) through its loudspeakers, just in case your alarm clock is…

  • Chan Tak

    This large, classically styled if mostly modern, Chinese temple comes complete with ornate stucco dragons, rock gardens, a vegetarian buffet restaurant,…

  • Survey Training Centre

    Grand, off-pink building that's now used by the government (so it can't be entered) dating back to the colonial era.

  • Godowns

    These four column-fronted 19th-century godowns (warehouses) are located between the riverfront and Central Market.

  • Clock Tower

    Looking a little like the clock tower in Pyin Oo Lwin, this is an underwhelming landmark in the centre of town.

  • Shwezigone Paya

    The most important central pagoda is Shwezigone Paya, though it’s not really worth a special detour.

  • Purcell Tower

    Marking the town centre, this 1936 clock tower thinks it’s Big Ben, judging by its hourly chimes.

  • Mosque

    Landmark central mosque, with a tower that resembles a lighthouse more than the average minaret.