Above all else, Ngwe Saung is an indulgent, lie-back-and-do-nothing sort of place, and most visitors are happy to comply. The kinds of activities that are common at Chaung Tha, such as pony rides and beach football, are noticeably absent here. But if sitting around doing nothing more strenuous than wiggling your toes in the sand sounds boring, there are a few calorie-burning activities you can try.

A boat trip to Bird Island, just visible way out on the horizon, for a day of snorkelling and birdwatching is the most popular water-based excursion. Boats can be arranged through many hotels for US$20 per person, but they don't run in the rainy season (May to September).

Alternatively, at low tide you can simply walk over to Lovers’ Island at the southern end of the beach. The water surrounding this island is a good place to snorkel among dancing clouds of tropical fish. Masks and snorkels can be hired from some hotels (Shwe Hin Tha Hotel is the most reliable) for K3000 per day. December, January and February are best for water visibility. Diving trips can be arranged via the dive operations based out of Treasure Resort, Eskala Resort and Ngwe Saung Yacht Club and Resort, which also has a marina from where you can go sailing (US$30 per hour).