Burmese kyat (K)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$50

  • Hostel or guesthouse: US$10–40
  • Local restaurant or street-stall meal: US$2–6
  • One day's bicycle hire: US$1–2

Midrange: US$50–200

  • Double room in midrange hotel: US$40–150
  • Two-course meal in midrange restaurant: US$5–15
  • Trekking Kalaw to Inle Lake: US$20–35 per person per day
  • Boat to Bagan: US$42

Top end: More than US$200

  • Double room in top-end hotel: US$150–500
  • Meal in top-end restaurant: US$25–45
  • Driver and guide: US$80–100 per day
  • Fine lacquerware bowl: US$200


Haggling is accepted in markets, antique and curio shops, and in taxis. Don't push it, and remember that the extra K1000 will be worth more to the vendor than you. The exceptions to this are the most popular tourist markets in Yangon, where traders may offer a starting price much higher than the item's value. At specialist markets traders will start with a price around 10 times the item's value.


There are ATMs that take foreign cards outside many of the hotels, as well as a branch of CB Bank, which changes money, close to the Amazing Ngapali Resort. There is also a KBZ Bank in Ngapali and an Ayeyarwady Bank and Myanmar Apex Bank in Thandwe that change money and have ATMs. Most of the resorts accept some international credit cards, including Visa. The airport also has an ATM.