Must see attractions in Myeik Archipelago

  • T
    Three Islets

    Home to three notable diving sites: Shark Cave, an underwater canyon with sharks and rich coral; In Through the Out Door, an underwater passage with…

  • L
    Lampi Kyun (Sullivan's Island)

    Home to Lampi Island Marine National Park, the only marine park in Myanmar, and thought to be one of the least-disturbed island habitats in Southeast Asia…

  • N
    Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Kyun

    There's a superb horseshoe-shaped bay at the south of this island, which is where you'll find the Boulder Bay Eco Resort, and a couple of fine beaches.

  • B
    Black Rock

    One of the Myeik Archipelago's premier diving sites. This rocky, remote outpost is home to clear water and rich sea life, including manta rays (typically…

  • W
    Western Rocky

    An underwater cave that has been known to draw sharks makes this arguably the Myeik Archipelago's finest dive site.

  • K
    Kho Yinn Khwa Kyun (Macleod Island)

    This horseshoe-shaped island 40 nautical miles from Kawthoung is home to Myanmar Andaman Resort. There are at least 20 known dive sites around the island,…

  • B
    Bo Wei Kyun (Stewart Island)

    South of this island is a rocky outcrop with above-ground and underwater caves. Nearby Maccarthy Rock has a beautiful limestone cliff more than 30m high…

  • K
    Kyun Philar (Great Swinton Island)

    Home to the upmarket Awei Pila Resort and a small mixed Burmese and Moken village. There's decent snorkelling and the surrounding islands offer good…

  • J
    Jar Lann (Lord Loughborough Island)

    This island is home to one of the largest villages in the Myeik Archipelago, with a mixed population of Bamar and Moken people. It also has one of the…

  • N
    Nyaung Wee Kyun

    A seasonal home for the Moken, this island has beaches, clear water and wildlife, making it a popular stopover for boat tours. Nearby 115 Island sees a…

  • D
    Daung Kyun (Dome Island)

    The islands close to Myeik tend to be less spectacular than the ones grouped near Kawthoung. Dome Island is the exception, with fine white-sand beaches…

  • H
    High Rock

    From the surface it's little more than a tree-topped limestone outcropping, but High Rock is home to an abundance of marine life, including at least five…

  • B
    Bo Cho Kyun (Eyles Island)

    This island is a spiritual home of the Moken, who call it Pu Nala. The island is designated as a Moken resettlement zone, and there is a permanent Moken…

  • R
    Rocky 1

    A rocky outcrop, approximately 10m above water, drawing lots of sea life and home to one of the Myeik Archipelago's largest anemone fields.

  • T
    Thahtay Kyun

    Opposite Kawthoung, this beach-free private island, known in Moken as Pulau Ru, is home to Andaman Club. The resort offers trips to beaches on Zadetgale…

  • K
    Kanmaw Kyun (Kisseraing Island)

    One of the larger islands (158 sq miles) in the Myeik Archipelago and home to Bamar, Karen and Moken villages, as well as big rubber plantations.