Monywa attractions

Buddhist Temple in Monywa

Thanboddhay Paya

This colourful, modern temple is famed for its staggering number of buddha images as well as its carnivalesque exterior, with a unique roof layered with rows of gilt ministupas. Its flanks burst gaudily bright colou…
Buddhist Monument in Monywa

Bodhi Tataung

The name of this vast hillside buddha-rama, Bodhi Tataung, translates as '1000 Buddhas'. However, for most visitors, only two of them really count. Opened in 2008, the glimmering 424ft standing Buddha is the second …
Buddhist Site in Monywa

Hpo Win Daung Complex

Monywa's biggest draw for culture vultures, this rural complex of 492 buddha chambers was carved into a limestone hillside between the 14th and 18th centuries. None of the 'caves' are more than a few yards deep, and…
Buddhist Site in Monywa


The large Payagyi stupa and its oversized chinthe (half-lion/half-dragon deity) face an abrupt twin-peaked hill, topped with a stupa and castle-like rocky outcrop, and said to have an indelible footprint of Bagan-er…
Buddhist Site in Monywa

Shwe Ba Taung

Some 2000ft beyond the restaurants and souvenir stands of Hpo Win 'village' lies Shwe Ba Taung, a smaller, contrastingly different set of 46 cave chambers accessed from pathways cut around 25ft vertically down into …
Buddhist Temple in Monywa

Shwezigon Paya

Monywa's most impressive temple is a gilded work one block west of the clock tower in the centre of town.
Buddhist Temple in Monywa

Su Taung Pye Zedi

If you have time to kill in Monywa, it's worth taking a stroll around this eye-catching pagoda, a 15-minute walk southwest of the clock tower.
Landmark in Monywa

Clock Tower

This handy traffic circle and landmark is a useful reference point for navigating the city.
Monument in Monywa

Bogyoke Statue

A useful landmark on busy Bogyoke Rd.