Mon State restaurants

Top Choice Burmese in Mawlamyine

Daw Yee

Humble Daw Yee does some of the best Burmese food you'll find. It has a great selection of curries, including an insanely fatty prawn curry. Be sure to order one of the vegetable side dishes (K500) that change daily…
Chinese in Mawlamyine

Bone Gyi

There's a big menu here, mostly featuring Chinese-inspired dishes but also including a few Thai ones and even some spicy Rakhine State–style soups. It's especially good for fish, grilled or steamed. There's an outsi…
Burmese in Mt Kyaiktiyo

Yin Yin Pyone

On the main street in Kinpun, this amiable, Mon-run place cooks up a big selection of reliable curries – fish, chicken, pork and mutton – for lunch, as well as offering Chinese-influenced dishes.
Thai in Ye

Rot Sar

Rot Sar offers the most authentic take on Thai food in Ye – there's a limited English menu – and you get to eat overlooking the lake. It's on the far side of the lake, close to the monastery.
Burmese in Mawlamyine

BBQ Garden

A barn-like space – with a big screen for watching the footy – that serves decent barbecue as well as Chinese-influenced dishes and seafood. It's pricer than the streetside barbecue places, but more upmarket and the…
Chinese in Mawlamyine

Grandfather & Grandmother Restaurant

The money raised at this restaurant goes to a charity helping the town’s elderly. No alcohol is served, but they do have decent fruit shakes, reasonable Chinese-Burmese dishes and a riverside location. The sign is w…
Thai in Ye

Jasmine Cool

Perhaps the most popular teahouse in Ye, the exotically named Jasmine Cool does basic Thai dishes, as well as standard Chinese-Burmese ones, in a lakeside setting. It's busy from the time it opens and is close to th…
Burmese in Mawlamyine

Mi Cho Restaurant

This busy hole-in-the-wall place serves excellent Muslim-style Burmese cuisine; in particular, a rich biryani and a delicious dhal soup. Look for the tiny green English-language sign and get here early: the biryani …
Burmese in Mawlamyine


This chain can be found across Myanmar now and is popular both with richer locals and foreigners seeking reliable and clean food. There's a wide range of noodle and rice options, as well as soups and fruit juices.
Chinese in Mawlamyine

Mya Thanlwin Restaurant

Standard Burmese-influenced Chinese dishes are available here, but it's as much a place to drink as it is to eat, and the riverside setting and draught beer draw in the locals each night.