Top things to do in Mingun

Buddhist Stupa in Mingun

Mingun Paya

Begun in 1790, Mingun Paya would have been the world’s biggest stupa if it had been completed. Work stopped in 1819 when King Bodawpaya died, and at that point only the bottom third of the structure was finished. Bu…
Historic Site in Mingun

Mingun Bell

In 1808 Bodawpaya continued his biggest-is-best obsession by commissioning a bronze bell weighing 55,555 viss (90 tonnes). It’s 13ft high and more than 16ft across at the lip and was the world's biggest ringable bel…
Buddhist Stupa in Mingun

Hsinbyume Paya

Built in 1816, possibly using materials pilfered from Mingun Paya, this unusual pagoda rises in seven wavy, whitewashed terraces representing the seven mountain ranges around Mt Meru – the mountain at the centre of …
Ruins in Mingun

Chinthe Ruins

Across the road from Mingun Paya lie two house-sized brick-and-stucco ruins. These are just the haunches of what would have been truly gigantic chinthe (the pagoda's half-lion, half-dragon guardian deities).
Burmese in Mingun


The only sit-down eatery in Mingun with a good river view.
Notable Building in Mingun

Pondaw Paya

To see what Mingun Paya would have looked like had it ever been completed, have a quick look at diminutive Pondaw Paya, 200yd south at the end of the tourist strip.