Local Calls

Most business cards in Myanmar list a couple of phone numbers, as landlines frequently go dead and calls just don't go through.

Local call stands – as part of a shop, or sometimes just a table with a phone or two on a sidewalk – are fast disappearing following the introduction of affordable mobile-phone services. If you do find such a stand, a local call should be K100 per minute.

To dial long distance within Myanmar, dial the area code (including the '0') and the number.

A useful resource is the Myanmar Yellow Pages (www.myanmaryellowpages.biz).

International Calls

Internet cafes using Skype and other VOI protocols, official telephone (call) centres and top-end hotels are among the ways to call overseas, though sometimes this can be done on the street through vendors offering use of their mobile phones.

Via a landline, it costs about US$5 per minute to call Australia or Europe and US$6 per minute to phone North America.

To call Myanmar from abroad, dial your country's international-access code, then 95 (Myanmar's country code), the area code (minus the '0'), and the five- or six-digit number.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone numbers begin with 09. Prepaid SIM cards are widely available from K1500 and can be used in unlocked phones. If your handset is locked, it's possible to buy a smartphone in Myanmar for as little as US$80.

More Information

There are three mobile networks: government-owned MPT (www.mpt.com.mm) and the private operators Telenor Myanmar (www.telenor.com.mm) and Ooredoo (www.ooredoo.com.mm). All offer pay-as-you go SIM cards (from K1500), which can be used with unlocked smartphones.

For call and text fees and internet plans, top-up cards of between K1000 and K10,000 are widely available.