Self-guided Tours


Mawlamyine’s accommodation options have improved, but decent budget places remain elusive. Hotels cluster either in the centre of town close to the riverfront or, less conveniently, near the train station and Mye Ni Gone bus station.


A few good restaurants can be found strung along the riverfront, or just off it. At night, join the locals at the outdoor barbecue stands on Strand Rd opposite the police station. The midrange and top-end hotels all have their own restaurants.

Drinking & Nightlife

There are a few beer gardens along Strand Rd, as well as many teahouses and the odd cafe in the centre of town.


Mawlamyine has a number of busy markets, including the riverside Zeigyi and the biggest of all, Myine Yadanar. Though locals distinguish between the markets, you probably won’t, as they virtually meld into one another and you’ll be too engrossed in the melange of smells, sights and tastes to care anyway.