Burmese in Mandalay

Too Too Restaurant

Respected home-style local fare, precooked and served in a bright bland box-room. Pick your main curry (prawn recommended) from the display; two sides, two condiments, soup and rice come free.
Thai in Mandalay

Ko’s Kitchen

You'll find an intimidatingly large menu of authentic (read: spicy and very good) northern-Thai food served in an attractive art-deco building with simple, peach-coloured decor. Eat early to avoid evening tour group…
International in Mandalay


This Mandalay classic is a regular hang-out for the expat/NGO-employed/business-person crowd, who pack in for stiff cocktails and good Western food. It's one of the more attractive restaurants in town, and manages t…
Burmese in Mandalay

Green Elephant

This is basically Burmese cuisine for tour groups, although, individuals can usually get a slightly adapted version with six or so dishes on request. The food is good, so if you're nervous about trying Burmese outsi…
Western in Mandalay

Café City

Red-'leather' booth-seats and classic vintage signs add to the feeling of a comfortable, latter-day American diner transplanted into Myanmar. The menu ranges from steaks and English triangular sandwiches to 'lobster…
Vegetarian in Mandalay


An all-vegetarian menu fits the owners' stated principle: ‘Be kind to animals by not eating them,’ which has an admirable logical consistency. Highlights of the menu, which largely references Sri Lanka, India and My…
International in Mandalay

V Cafe

V's prices are noticeably cheaper than most of Mandalay’s air-conditioned Western cafe-bars. While the dangling hearts and mood-lit flower cut-outs are more cutesy than trendy, there's a top-floor rooftop bar with c…
Burmese in Mandalay

Mya Nandar

Smart open-sided pavilions in a great tree-shaded riverside location with good and varied food. The bigger draws (October to February) are the free puppet shows (1pm) and traditional dances (7.30pm to 9pm) performed…
Shan in Mandalay

Lashio Lay

This simple, long-running restaurant is known for consistently good, Shan-inspired dishes. Point and pick and pay per dish – a couple of curries and some rice ought to fill you up. Popular for cold beers as the even…
Indian in Mandalay


Roti-style dough formed into turnover pancakes. Biryanis are also available.