Moustache Brothers

Comedy in Mandalay

This classic a-nyeint group became world famous in the 1990s when their jokes and rants against the Myanmar government brought them a string of prison sentences, and a name-check in the popular Hugh Grant flick About a Boy. The show, now entirely in English, is an odd mix of vaudeville, Burmese theatre and political satire, and remains a classic Mandalay must-see.

It takes a series of classical Burmese dance snippets and weaves them together with endless quips from irrepressible Lu Maw, whose sheer delight in pronouncing English colloquialisms is often funnier than the jokes he tells. His word-boards add comic effect while helping listeners to decipher his thick accent. There's plenty of slightly indulgent self-promotion and many love-hate gags involving Lu Maw's wife – cover star of a 1990s Lonely Planet Myanmar (Birmania) guide (Italian edition). A few 'KGB' and corruption jokes still pepper the lighter-hearted wisecracking.