Top things to do in Magwe

Religious Site in Magwe

Nga Ka Pwe Taung

Just across the river, a few miles north of the bridge, is the small town of Minbu and the fun Nga Ka Pwe Taung (Dragon Lake), a burping pool of butane gas and mud that has over the years built a few acres of lunar-…
Cultural in Magwe

Mya Tha Lun Paya Festival

This month-long fest - usually taking place during October - happens at the Mya Tha Lun pagoda and features food, crafts, traditional dancing and theatre.
Burmese in Magwe

Mona Liza 2

On the river, just north of the bridge, this popular drinking spot also serves great-value food. As the sun dips across the river, locals hit the beer and whisky for the 7pm music and dance show.
Chinese in Magwe

Central Restaurant

Handy for the bus station, this reasonably clean-looking Chinese restaurant serves the usual noodle and rice dishes, including hot and sour pork and sautéed fish with paprika.
Buddhist Site in Magwe

Mya Tha Lun Paya

Magwe’s chief pagoda, the 1929 Mya Tha Lun Paya, is a mile north of the Magwe Bridge. It features a gilded stupa and occupies a hilltop site with great river views.