Top things to do in Lashio

Shan in Lashio

Ngwe Hnin Phyu

A great little Shan restaurant in the middle of downtown Lashio, this place has a tabletop counter filled with 20 or more pots and pans offering a mix of Shan and Chinese dishes. Just point and eat. The bathrooms do…
Buddhist Temple in Lashio

Maha Bodayaong

If you walk towards the Hsipaw bus stand you’ll pass the pretty 1994 Maha Bodayaong temple, whose unrefined seven-storey church-like tower offers decent townscape views, assuming you can find a monk who’ll let you c…
Buddhist Temple in Lashio

Mahamyatmuni Paya

Between the large main market and the Nannhaewon Amusement Park is the eye-catching Mahamyatmuni Paya, an open-sided pavilion enshrining a dazzle-faced seated Buddha along the lines of Mandalay’s Mahamuni.
Chinese in Lashio

Shwe Lawon

The 2nd-floor terrace is swish by Lashio standards and the locals rate it as the best Chinese food in town. It offers a generous selection of meat, fish and veggie dishes.