Immigration in Myawaddy

Thai Immigration Office

After you walk across the Friendship Bridge from Myawaddy (Myanmar) to Mae Sot (Thailand), the Thai immigration office will grant you permission to stay in Thailand for up to 15 days if you don’t already have a visa…
Internet in Hpa-an

Aung Seven Internet Cafe

Slow internet is available at the few terminals here inside a phone shop, just east of the clock tower.
Post in Hpa-an

Post Office

On a side road off Bo Gyoke St on the way to the bus station.
Bank in Hpa-an

KBZ Bank

Has an ATM that takes foreign cards, and will change money.
Immigration in Myawaddy

Myanmar Immigration Office

At the foot of the Friendship Bridge.
Police in Hpa-an

Police Station

Hpa-an's main police station.