Kayin State attractions

Top Choice Cave in Hpa-an

Saddan Cave

This football-stadium-sized cave is simply breathtaking, its entrance dominated by dozens of buddha statues, a couple of pagodas and some newer clay wall carvings.In absolute darkness (bring a torch; otherwise, for …
Buddhist Monastery in Hpa-an

Kyauk Kalap

Standing proud in the middle of a small, artificial lake is Kyauk Kalap, a tall finger of sheer rock mounted by one of the most unlikely pagodas in Myanmar. The rock offers great views of the surrounding countryside…
Cave in Hpa-an

Kawgun Cave & Yathaypyan Cave

The 7th-century artwork of the Kawgun Cave consists of thousands of tiny clay buddhas and carvings plastered all over the walls and roof of this open cavern. Just over a mile away is the Yathaypyan Cave, which conta…
Buddhist Temple in Myawaddy

Shwe Muay Wan Paya

Within walking distance of the Friendship Bridge, Shwe Muay Wan Paya is Myawaddy's most important temple, a traditional bell-shaped stupa gilded with pounds of gold and topped by more than 1600 precious and semiprec…
Buddhist Temple in Hpa-an

Shweyinhmyaw Paya

Close to the waterfront, this golden pagoda is a popular hang-out around sunset, as well as an easy place to watch the world go by during the day.
Cave in Hpa-an

Kaw Ka Thawng Cave

This area actually consists of three caves, only two of which are generally open to the public.Kaw Ka Thawng is the first cave you'll come to and has been gentrified with slippery tile floors and numerous buddha sta…
Buddhist Temple in Myawaddy

Myikyaungon Paya

Myikyaungon Paya is a noted Buddhist temple, called Wat Don Jarakhe in Thai, and named for its gaudy, crocodile-shaped sanctuary. The temple is an easy walk from the Friendship Bridge.
Monument in Hpa-an

Clock Tower

Now digitised, but not always accurate, Hpa-an's clock tower is lit up at night like a gaudy lollipop.
Market in Hpa-an

Morning Market

Hpa-an's vibrant morning market is good for a wander and a chat with the locals.
Landmark in Hpa-an


Monastery in the west of Hpa-an, close to the river.