Kalaw restaurants

Top Choice Burmese in Kalaw

Thu Maung Restaurant

Located in a bright-green building just past the post office, Thu Maung is one of the best Burmese curry restaurants in this part of the country, serving up rich, meaty chicken, pork, mutton and fish curries coupled…
Top Choice Italian in Kalaw

Red House

Very sophisticated for Kalaw, or anywhere in rural Myanmar, this new and worthwhile Italian-run restaurant offers homemade pasta, ravioli and wood-fired pizzas, as well as a smattering of local food. Set over two fl…
Cafe in Kalaw

Sprouting Seeds

This all-organic, appealingly rustic cafe and bakery is set in the leafy garden of the owner's home. Everything here is homemade, from the banana and chocolate cake to the ice cream and yoghurt. It also serves up sa…
Nepali in Kalaw

Everest Nepali Food Centre

Ever-popular, long-running, convivial Nepali restaurant that serves up tasty curry spreads, complete with a good selection of side dishes, in pleasant surroundings.
International in Kalaw

Thiri Gay Har Restaurant

Gentrified but relatively full-flavoured Burmese – as well as Chinese, Indian, Western and a smattering of Shan – dishes are served at this cute cottage restaurant that's geared towards foreigners.
Shan in Kalaw

Pyae Pyae Shan Noodle

This cosy, friendly shop sells delicious bowls of its namesake noodles, and has an English-language menu of other one-plate dishes.