Hpa-an in detail


Around Hpa-an

The real highlights of Hpa-an are all scattered about the divine countryside out of town. While many of these sights are potentially accessible by public transport, you'd need to devote several days to them and be prepared to give your leg muscles a workout. Therefore, almost everyone takes a motorbike – or thoun bein (motorised trishaw) – tour that circumnavigates Mt Zwegabin, stopping at all the main sights. A full-day tour costs K30,000 per vehicle (up to six passengers) or K5000 per person, while a half-day tour, hitting destinations of your choice, runs from K15,000 to K20,000. Soe Brothers Guesthouse, Galaxy Motel and Golden Sky Guesthouse all organise tours.

Some of the closer attractions can also be reached by bicycle. Bikes (K2000 per day) and motorcycles (K6000 to K8000 per day) can be rented at the guesthouses or at Good Luck Motorbike Rent.