Chin State restaurants

Chinese in Hakha

Shwe Myo Daw Restaurant

The best and liveliest place to eat in Hakha, with decent Chinese-Burmese dishes – large portions – and beer on tap. Find it on the left-hand side of the street that runs off Bo Gyoke Rd, opposite Grace Guest House.
Thai in Kalaymyo


Flow bills itself as a cocktail bar and restaurant, and foreign liquors and beers are available, but the real reason to come here is to sample its local but OK take on classic Thai dishes. It's rather more sophistic…
Chinese in Tiddim

Asian Restaurant

There's a small English menu of Chinese-Burmese dishes, most rice and noodle-based, at this restaurant set up in the front room of the owner's house. It's the only place that serves alcohol and that stays open in th…
Burmese in Tiddim

Power Win Restaurant

Run by friendly John and his wife, this beer station–restaurant serves standard Burmese-Chinese dishes, as well as draught beer (K1000). John speaks excellent English, is a mine of information about the Tiddim area …
Chinese in Mindat

Myo Ma Restaurant

The best and most popular place in Mindat to eat (though there's not much competition), Myo Ma offers reasonable Chinese-Burmese dishes and serves up draught beers. It does takeaway as well. Find it five minutes' wa…
Burmese in Falam

U Lay

This is the most popular restaurant in town, serving up Burmese curry sets at lunch and simple Chinese-Burmese dishes in the evening. It's also the only place that serves alcohol. No English menu, no English spoken …
Chinese in Falam

Chinese Restaurant

This no-name place is really the front room of the owner's house. There's a small English menu of Chinese-Burmese dishes, but you'll do better pointing at what the locals are eating. It's down an alley to the west o…
Burmese in Mt Victoria

Maymyo Snack Shop

Simple noodle and rice dishes and better salads are on offer here at Kanpetlet's best restaurant. No alcohol is served, but there's a pleasant outside area to eat in. It's just off the main road through town, opposi…
Chinese in Hakha

Hakha Kitchen

More expensive than other restaurants in town, but the food is pretty good (the fried rice and noodle dishes are cheaper). It's just past the clock tower, below Bo Gyoke Rd: look for the English sign. Serves alcohol…
Chinese in Kalaymyo

Beer Garden Restaurant

This busy, no-name beer-garden restaurant next door to the Shin Hong Hotel serves up reasonable Chinese-Burmese food and good barbecue, as well as offering draught beer and football on the TV.