Bank in Falam

KBZ Bank

One of only two banks that we are aware of in Chin State. You can't change money here but we were told that an ATM will be installed at some point in the future. It's to the side of the Holy Guest House, east of the…
Bank in Hakha

CB Bank

That rare thing, a bank in Chin State. You can change money here and it has an ATM, although we wouldn't rely on it working all the time. It's close to the Grace Guest House.
Travel Agency in Hakha

Friends of Nature

The English-speaking staff here are fairly clueless about the countryside surrounding Hakha, but they can organise a car (K50,000 per day) and a tour guide ($40 per day).
Bank in Kalaymyo

KBZ Bank

You can exchange money here, and it has an ATM that takes foreign cards. It's 10 minutes' walk east of the Majesty Hotel.
Travel Agency in Chin State

Tours Myanmar

Tour company that runs trips to Mt Victoria, among many other places.
Bank in Tiddim

KBZ Bank

Has an ATM that takes foreign cards, but it doesn't change money.