Top things to do in Bhamo

Buddhist Temple in Bhamo

Shwe Kyina Paya

About 3 miles north of town, beyond the military enclave, the historic Shwe Kyina Pagoda has two gold-topped stupas and marks the site of the 5th-century Shan city of Sampanago (Bhamo Myo Haung, Old Bhamo). Almost n…
Buddhist Temple in Bhamo

Theindawgyi Paya

Around 4 miles from town is the large, photogenic complex of Theindawgyi Paya, which features a gilded stupa with an elongated bell-shape. It’s best admired from the southeast across a pond lined with concrete monk …
Burmese in Bhamo

Sut Ngai

Popular with the locals, there's fine barbecue, as well as Kachin specialities like lime-flavoured pork served in a banana leaf and draught Myanmar Beer. No English spoken; point at what others are eating.
Burmese in Bhamo

Shamie Restaurant

Excellent spot for proper curry spreads, with eight different types available (including beef, a rarity in Buddhist Myanmar). They come with rice and veggies and fantastic homemade tamarind chutney.
Chinese in Bhamo

Sein Sein

The rough round tables and beer-poster decor promise little. But the reliable Chinese food is considered the best in town, and there’s draught Dagon beer. It’s near the IWT office.
Bridge in Bhamo

Bamboo Bridge

It is worth checking out this rickety but spectacular bamboo bridge that allows you to cross the wide Tapin River.