Bhamo attractions

Buddhist Temple in Bhamo

Shwe Kyina Paya

About 3 miles north of town, beyond the military enclave, the historic Shwe Kyina Pagoda has two gold-topped stupas and marks the site of the 5th-century Shan city of Sampanago (Bhamo Myo Haung, Old Bhamo). Almost n…
Buddhist Temple in Bhamo

Theindawgyi Paya

Around 4 miles from town is the large, photogenic complex of Theindawgyi Paya, which features a gilded stupa with an elongated bell-shape. It’s best admired from the southeast across a pond lined with concrete monk …
Bridge in Bhamo

Bamboo Bridge

It is worth checking out this rickety but spectacular bamboo bridge that allows you to cross the wide Tapin River.