Ayeyarwady & Bago Regions restaurants

Top Choice Asian in Ngwe Saung Beach

Ume Restaurant & Bar

Run by a Japanese woman and her Burmese husband, this cool place is lit up spectacularly at night (check out the lights 50ft up at the top of the surrounding palm trees). The menu spans Chinese-Burmese, Thai and Jap…
Top Choice Chinese in Chaung Tha Beach

Shwe Ya Min Restaurant

This roofed, open-air place across the road from the beach is the best place in town to eat, apart from the swish resort restaurants. It has a big menu of reasonably priced Chinese-Burmese dishes and plenty of seafo…
Top Choice Burmese in Pathein

Shwe Ayar

It doesn't look like much but this place offers high-quality biryani, which you can supplement with chicken or mutton. The lentil and bean soup is so delicious you'll want a second helping. It also does tasty curry …
Chinese in Chaung Tha Beach

Grand Bistro

This restaurant inside the Grand Hotel is one of the better places in town to eat, even if it's not exactly an atmospheric venue. The extensive menu includes Chinese-Burmese, Thai and Rakhine dishes, as well as Bama…
Chinese in Bago


The food here isn’t amazing, but it's solid enough, the place is clean and this is the only restaurant in central Bago with a bit of atmosphere. The open-air upper level is breezy and offers great views of Shwemawda…
Chinese in Pathein

Top Star

The best of the beer stations and restaurants along the riverfront, Top Star's menu includes a few Thai and Japanese-inspired dishes, and the standard Chinese-Burmese ones. The big windows offer river views and it's…
Seafood in Ngwe Saung Beach

Royal Flower

The same seafood and Chinese-Burmese dishes offered by all Ngwe Saung restaurants are supplemented here by reasonable pizza and pasta. There's a pleasant atmosphere – there's mellow live music sometimes – and it's c…
Chinese in Ngwe Saung Beach

Golden Myanmar Restaurant

Busy with both locals and visitors, this restaurant is located in the middle of Ngwe Saung Village and offers decent and fresh dishes. The seafood is especially good, but the salads are worth sampling too.
Seafood in Ngwe Saung Beach

West Point

The closest thing you'll get to seaside dining in the village (the view is distant), West Point has sand for a floor and a nice ambience. But, sadly, the charges for the seafood, Chinese and Thai offerings have jump…
Burmese in Pathein

Zone Pan

This popular curry place has a decent range of tasty curries, soups and salads. To cut the grease, try the mouth-wateringly tart shauk-thi dhouq (lemon salad) or a pennywort (a local herb) salad. There’s no English …