Top things to do in Amarapura

Top Choice Bridge in Amarapura

U-Bein Bridge

The world’s longest teak footbridge gently curves 1300yd across shallow Taungthaman Lake, creating one of Myanmar’s most photographed sites. In dry season it feels surreally high and mostly crosses seasonal vegetabl…
Museum in Amarapura

Bagaya Kyaung

If you want to squeeze full value out of your Mandalay 'combo' ticket, head to this 1996 concrete-pillared reconstruction of an early-19th-century monastery. It has plenty of flying wooden filigree roof work, a subs…
Buddhist Pagoda in Amarapura

Werawsana Jade Pagoda

Werawsana is reputedly the world’s first pagoda built entirely out of jade. It's a sight to behold in the evening, when it radiates a soft green glow that’s almost otherworldly (seriously, it looks like a piece of B…
Buddhist Temple in Amarapura

Kyauktawgyi Paya

Around 200yd beyond the eastern end of U-Bein Bridge, this 1847 pagoda, built by Pagan Min, was supposedly modelled on the larger Ananda Pahto at Bagan, but its five-tiered roof makes it look more like a Tibetan/Nep…
Buddhist Monastery in Amarapura

Maha Ganayon Kyaung

Just west of U-Bein Bridge, this sprawling monastery is a pleasantly meditative place for most of the day. But you may want to avoid the monastery at about 11am, when busloads of tourists arrive to gawp while the wh…
Buddhist Stupa in Amarapura


This vast bell-shaped pagoda, erected by King Bagyidaw in 1820, is the tallest structure for miles around (185ft). Men only are allowed to climb halfway to the upper terrace to appreciate views over the plethora of …
Burmese in Amarapura

Renaissance Cafe

Partly a showcase for the company's attractive modern rattan furniture and tableware, this friendly restaurant offers a variety of multidish Thai, Burmese or European meals; your guide or driver eats for free, which…
Buddhist Monastery in Amarapura

Kyo Aung Sanda

Little visited, this curious latter-day monastery features a mini 'Golden Rock', a prayer hall full of monk-posture statues and several surreal Alice in Wonderland–style staring Tweedledum and Owl figures.
Workshop in Amarapura

Wok Foundry

You can see giant woks being cast at this fascinating little foundry, located near Bagaya Kyaung. There are no real hours – these guys seem to work whenever, although activity tends to wind down in the evening.
Notable Building in Amarapura

Shwe Linmin Paya

This attractive 19th-century square-based stupa has a gold spire and white/ice-blue lower sections from a 2006 makeover. It's set in a nursery of flowering shrubs beside the lake road.