Tofo in detail

Flights & getting there

Chapas (minibuses) run throughout the day along the 22km sealed road between Tofo and Inhambane, departing Tofo from about 5am (Mtc15 to Mtc18 for a large bus, one hour). To Maputo’s Junta, there’s usually one direct bus daily, departing Tofo by about 5am (Mtc750, 7½ hours). Fatima’s Nest also has a daily shuttle to Maputo (Mtc800). Otherwise you’ll need to go via Inhambane or Maxixe. If you do this and want to catch an early north/southbound bus, it’s possible in theory to sleep in Tofo, but for a more sure connection, stay in Inhambane the night before.

If you leave early from Maputo, it’s possible to get to Inhambane in time to continue straight on to Tofo that day, with time to spare.